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This annual event couldn't happen without an extraordinary amount of support of our community.  There are many ways to volunteer. Check out the ideas below and contact us if you might be interested in a shift!

Between November 1 and December 15:

  • Dropping off boxes to Food Drive locations

  • Hosting a warm clothing or sock drive

  • Picking up donated food weekly and dropping it off at our storage area

  • Assembling tags (cutting them out of paper, placing labels on them, tying string)

  • Distributing Trees of Joy and name tags

  • Wrapping gifts for seniors and people with disabilities

  • Setting up tables at Carey Foster Hall at the Crook County Fairgrounds and the Clover Club 4-H Building (early December)

December 8-19:

  • Filling food boxes and organizing them by household size

  • Organizing donated gifts by family

December 20 & 21:

  • Working in Carey Foster Hall and the Clover Club Building pulling food boxes and correct gift bags

  • Delivering food boxes and gifts to seniors and disabled recipients

December 21 & 22:

  • Breaking down and putting away tables in Carey Foster Hall and the Clover Club Building

  • Cleaning up any remaining trash

  • Helping to move any left over items to storage for next year

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

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